Only Forward Health Group offers a progression of reporting solutions across a growing array of alternate payment data models. You select the level of reporting support—from basic extraction through report submission—that meets the needs of your organization. We provide the tools and services that help you stay in compliance as productively as possible.

Off-load that reporting burden. Forward Health Group can handle your reporting needs:

• DATA EXTRACT. We can pull the financial and clinical data needed to meet reporting requirements from your EHRs, Labs and Practice Management systems.

• DATA VALIDATION & ANALYTICS. Our team can take it one step further by organizing and processing the data for you.

• DATA REVIEW. We have the ability to prepare your reports for submission, assuring transparency for all stakeholders.

• DATA SUBMISSION. You can opt for a turnkey solution by having FHG submit your data for you—to HEDIS, PQRS, UDS, HAB, MIPS, QCDR to other organizations requiring reports.

Whether you choose us to help you handle one step in the reporting process, or all four, we can help relieve your time consuming and often frustrating reporting mandates—and give you the means to effectively monitor, measure and drive your progress

Chances are your data analysts spend an inordinate amount of time compiling data simply for reporting purposes.


FHG takes the pressure off. Whatever your requirements, we harness your data as mandated, make the calculations and see that the report’s submitted. With that burden lifted, you’re free to select or create the quality and financial measures that actually impact care.

If you’re ready to fast forward to value-based care … let’s talk. Now.

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With PopulationManager, health care organizations are benefiting in just 8 to 12 weeks, with healthier patients, happier doctors and fast-forward progress toward value-based care.