PopulationManager®, a powerful health analytics and data visualization platform, achieved the highest customer rating score in the 2015 KLAS Population Health Management Performance Report. PopulationManager focuses on patient-level, point-of-care quality improvement support and aggregation of measures within a single health care provider organization. Quick to get up-and-running and easy-to-use, PopulationManager is making a difference—in the quality of care and the well-being of patients, and in the financial health of provider organizations. How does it work? Short infographic video here. More details? Learn more here. PopulationMonitor – Forward Health Group delivers network/organization data aggregation and reporting via PopulationMonitor. This robust tool provides clients with a 360-degree view of a network’s performance-incorporating cost summary data, complex queries and intuitive user interface in addition to clinical outcome and process measures-across the provider groups installed with PopulationManager. This comprehensive view allows for direct comparison of sites on an ongoing basis, independent of the need for explicitly generating custom reports on a regular basis. PopulationMessenger – A flexible patient outreach tool, PopulationMessenger automatically communicates information, instructions and alerts at the moment a patient needs to do something or know something about their care. Using a tool that everybody has – text messaging – PopulationMessenger can communicate such important messages as preventive screening reminders, pre-service education and instructions, enrollment, on-boarding and engagement – the possibilities are many. Persistent Data Stewardship – is just that – a continuous process across your many disparate sources, handling missing, conflicting, or duplicate information – cleaning, curating, correcting and aligning your data. We give you your data in the insightful and actionable form you need for continuous improvement. Your data is so rigorously cleansed, de-duplicated and validated that it secures your physicians’ trust… trust they need to fully engage in the process of improvement. We make it simple and easy. Period.