“I have been able to stick my hands in the data sandbox and see providers get really excited about the data.”

– Anonymous client of Forward Health Group

Achieve something once? Sure, you’ve got something to celebrate.

But achieve it twice over the course of two years, and build on your accomplishment with even higher performance, then you’ve proven that your success is sustainable for the long haul. That’s why we’re pleased KLAS awarded Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager™ the highest rating/performance score. Building on its 2014 report on Population Health Performance (December 2014, ©2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved), KLAS designated Forward Health Group as a “High Performing” vendor in its 2015 Population Health Management Performance report. KLAS_Part-of-Long-Term-Plans-edit These scores reinforce the uniqueness of Forward Health Group’s data harvesting model and validate our position as a key player in the population health market. And not to name drop, but these are awards are from KLAS – the foremost research organization for healthcare vendor performance. And just like most researchers, KLAS is hardcore about its data, working with thousands of health care professionals and clinicians to make sure they get it right.

Some important things to know:

  • According to the KLAS report, 100% of respondents would buy Forward Health Group again, 100% say we avoid nickel and diming, and 100% say we keep our promises. (A lot of 100s, right?)
  • Our early KLAS score is 90.1 out of 100, increasing our 2014 rating by nearly 3 points – and achieving the highest score in the study.
  • We were the only vendor reviewed to score above the market average in KLAS’ four pillars of population health: data aggregation, risk stratification, care management and patient engagement.
  • The report noted, “Forward Health Group performs well for customers because it enables them to understand where their patients need the most care and allows them to see the results of their action plan.”
The best thing about this report? It’s proof we’re achieving our vision: Care teams are getting the data they need to promote the health of populations – Forward Health Group is enabling improved outcomes. For more on the 2015 KLAS report on Population Health Performance visit www.klasresearch.com, or click here to read our press release.

“The product is helping providers move to a population health mentality. We can show providers how they are doing with metrics, and we can show providers lists of patients who are not meeting certain metrics. We can give providers a place to start working so that they aren’t just working longer and harder; they can work smarter in order to meet patients’ needs. For example, with diabetic patients, we might look at the patients’ HbA1c levels. With the program we can generate lists of diabetic patients that clinicians should focus on. The product is being accepted well by providers, and it will hopefully help them provide better care for patients.”

– A director of medical quality using Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager

“PopulationManager is a very good tool for physicians who are looking for a way to look at their populations in a way the EMRs can’t.”

– Anonymous client of Forward Health Group