FAQs: Population Health Management

“What is Population Health Management?” In its most basic form, Population Health Management is the process by which care providers proactively identify those patients who need care, whether the patient is aware of it or not, and then provide that care. This usually involves some form of technology platform which aggregates patient health data from multiple sources and presents it in an actionable format. The goal of Population Health Management is to improve health outcomes for all by identifying and monitoring individual patients within groups through the collection and analysis of data. This involves predictive modeling across multiple clinical conditions by segmenting populations into several groups in order to identify specific health and disease related trends. Ultimately, Population Health Management aims to monitor and improve outcomes for all patients, not just one patient at a time. This can be done by using past outcomes and trends to predict the future health of patients and notify doctors when certain actions need to be taken. The process aims to prevent health problems before they occur, making for healthy populations and low costs for all involved.   “Why is Population Health Management important?” In a time when health care providers are transitioning to Value-Based Care, you’re going to need a strategy that that transforms raw health data (from any source – EHRs, labs, claims, consumer et al.) into truly useful, actionable information. With that, you’ve laid the groundwork to improve outcomes, maximize care coordination – thrive in the new risk-based era. Population Health Management software and tools help health systems, IDNs, ACOs, FQHCs, their doctors and care teams transition from fee-for-service to Value-Based Care by displaying trustworthy data visually so improvement opportunities can be seen, gaps in care can be filled, and population patterns can be identified.   “What are the key benefits of Population Health Management?” When Population Health Management is done right, you can…
  • Identify gaps in care: And act on them. Improvement starts here.
  • Identify Your Most At-Risk Patients: Identifying at-risk patients in real-time is paramount to successful preventative care.
  • Move the Needle on Patient Outcomes: Better data provides better insights for decision making. This improves patient outcomes for multiple populations at a time.
  • Analyze System/Clinic Performance: Docs and care teams want to be the best. They’re naturally competitive. Harness that drive. Determine where improvements need to be made.
  • Determine Outlier Patients: Identifying outlier patients before bad things happen gives doctors the best chance to intervene and drive real improvement.
  “How does Population Health Management work?” It starts with your data. You need good, clean, data. But health data is chaotic, messy, found in many sources – EHRs, labs, clinical, claims, consumer – it goes on and on. If providers don’t have access to data they can trust, data they know is accurate, fully aligned and attributed, they’ll never buy into whatever system they’re trying to use. So, your first step, decide what you want to improve, what you need to measure. Focus. Chronic care? Acute episodes? Behavioral health? Then – get good data, harvest that data. Then, manage your data. Curate that data. Continually. Forward Health Group approaches client data using a unique, proprietary approach – persistent data stewardship. Population Health Management allows clinicians and care teams to monitor the outcomes for all patients, many populations, not just one patient at a time. This gives you the opportunity for improved patient outcomes by maximizing care quality and lowering costs. In the transition to Value-Based Care, you’re going to need every possible advantage.   “Why Forward Health Group?” Right off the bat, Forward Health Group does the dirty work that many companies dread: focusing on cleaning up unattributed, unaligned data and turning it into valuable insights you can use. Only PopulationManager® from Forward Health Group can take your messy, complex raw data and turn it into dynamic visualizations, allowing you to easily identify valuable improvement opportunities. Did we mention we can get your data turned around in 8 to 12 weeks? There’s no need for a data warehouse either; give us 8 weeks and we’ll provide clean, trustworthy data to the right people at the right time. Your team can now focus on driving innovation. Our obsession with data quality provides you with measures that matter and an ability to engage doctors, allowing you to cost-effectively enable healthy patient populations and fast forward to Value-Based Care.