What We Do

Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® is a top-ranked KLAS population health management solution. Leveraging your existing technology and data from any source – EHR, claims, labs and more. A powerful data visualization and quality improvement platform, PopulationManager® quickly and cost-effectively identifies gaps in care, outliers, your most at-risk patients, and aggregates measures, enabling healthier patient populations and a successful transition to value-based care.Whether you’re a hospital, a practice or a health system, PopulationManager® helps move your care – quality needle by making your data – all of it, in any format–powerful:
  • Our solutions deliver complete, accurate and timely data directly to physicians so they make better-informed decisions.
  • It lets you track (and improve) clinical performance on a system, clinic or physician level, complete with financial impact information.
  • And it creates value by allowing you to demonstrate results to payers, patients and the community.

FHG’s PopulationManager® is making a difference in the quality of care and the financial health of provider organizations like yours:

  • Chronic care. Enabling improved outcomes in the management of chronic conditions and preventive care.
  • Acute episodic care. Achieving stability and income assurance in the treatment of high-risk, complex conditions.
  • Behavioral health. Attaining visibility and care integration needed to effectively address mental health issues.
  • Alternative reimbursement models. Increasing accountability among all episodic care team entities.
  • Reporting. Easing the reporting burden by providing data, calculation and report submission services.
  More Problem Solvers PopulationMonitor® Forward Health Group delivers network/organization data aggregation and reporting via PopulationMonitor. This powerful tool provides clients with a 360-degree view of a network’s performance-incorporating cost summary data, complex queries and intuitive user interface in addition to clinical outcome and process measures-across the provider groups installed with PopulationManager. This comprehensive view allows for direct comparison of sites on an ongoing basis, independent of the need for explicitly generating custom reports on a regular basis. PopulationMessenger® A powerful patient outreach tool, PopulationMessenger® automatically communicates information, instructions and alerts at the moment a patient needs to do something or know something about their care. Using a tool that everybody has – text messaging – PopulationMessenger can communicate such important messages as preventive screening reminders, pre-service education and instructions, enrollment, on-boarding and engagement – the possibilities are many.
  • Evaluate Individual Patients

    Individual patient scorecardClick To Enlarge Access everything you need to know from every possible data source about an individual patient – instantly. Not only does PopulationManager give you accurate patient lists that you can trust, but you’ll also know everything that’s going on with the patient sitting in front of you. All on one screen. The best part? You can engage your patient by sharing the information during each visit as you guide them through their journey to better health outcomes.
  • Identify Your Most At-Risk Patients

    1PrecisionClick To Enlarge To improve outcomes, care teams need to be able to quickly identify their patients that fall into the high-risk category. With elegant views of population-level data, PopulationManager enables your patients’ co-morbid conditions to come into focus. Care teams can then easily coordinate and track preventative care interventions for high risk/high cost patients, which will lead to improved health outcomes and lower costs of care. Don’t wait for an outdated report to be delivered to you weeks after you make the request. Start running and using your reports on day one. It’s that intuitive.
  • Engage Patients

    Individual patient scorecardClick To EnlargeIn PopulationManager, Action Lists help clinicians and their care teams do exactly that–take action. Manage your patient population by ensuring that each team member is working from the same place. Action lists are in a shared workspace so all care team members that are attached to or associated with the patient panel have permission to view and work from the list, whether it be a scheduler, nurse practitioner, the doctor, etc. The result? Improved outcomes. Learn More
  • Determine Your Outlier Patients

    1EngageClick To EnlargeIt’s not enough to simply identify today’s outlier patients. PopulationManager lets you identify tomorrow’s outliers in time to intervene before bad things happen. Seeing your data in real-time, delivered in easy-to-grasp visualizations can lead to real change in some of your most concerning patients. PopulationManager’s scatter graphs can show you who your outliers are and who is headed there. Once they are identified you can begin intervention right away. The sooner you intervene, the better chance you have of driving real improvement.
  • Compare Physician Performance

    1GrowthClick To EnlargeLet’s face it–doctors are competitive. PopulationManager gives you the ability to see which doctors and care teams are setting the standard for health improvement. And they can see exactly where they stand among their peers. Their reaction? Game on. The result? The data we deliver will bring out your physicians’ innate desire to be the best. And everyone–you, them and your patients–will win.
  • Analyze System / Clinic Performance

    1InnovationClick To EnlargeWith just a couple of clicks, you can see gaps in care in red and green to determine how your system or clinic is performing. Whether you look at one location, several locations, or the entire system, PopulationManager makes it easy to know where you’re performing well and where there’s room for improvement. Your game plan just got easier.
  • Measure System Performance vs. Incentives

    1OutcomesClick To EnlargeWhat if a population health platform could improve your patient outcomes at the same time it was helping you achieve financial goals? PopulationManager lets you track your clinic’s performance against payor incentives to make sure patients are getting the screenings and care they need and that your clinic is getting all appropriate incentives. Patients get the care they need. Care teams get information and your CFO and administrators are happy. That’s a win-win-win.