A Solution for Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration

You’ve got the SAMHSA grant. Congratulations! Now what?

Watch this webinar, see a demo, then have a look at the PBHCI deck…









Have a look at the webinar deck.

Here’s what PopulationManager® can do for you…

With PopulationManager, FHG offers awardees of SAMHSA’s Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) program a toolkit to meet the specific requirements of the PBHCI program. In doing so, participants will build a foundation for a sustainable integrated service delivery model that realizes improved health quality outcomes and cost savings for the future. Here’s how we do it:

Connect, capture & report.

Pulling from your existing data sources (EHRs, clinical, labs et al), your data begins to flow in weeks, not years. From there we capture, visualize and report your PBHCI performance measures, including the Adult Consumer Outcome Measures for Discretionary Programs National Outcome Measures (NOMs) and health outcomes data required by your PBHCI award (e.g.; blood pressure, BMI, lipid profile, etc.). We also bring functionality for capturing and reporting on custom personal wellness goals.

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Your most at-risk patients need you. And your data can help.                  

To effectively manage your populations’ health, you need to precisely identify patients with lapses in care or those most at risk for costly co-morbidities and quickly arrange for needed services. Leverage pre-populated PBHCI measures, customized to support your PBHCI data measure and performance requirements

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Complete access and visibility to all of your data in one place – PopulationManager allows you to get your EHR data, data from your FQHC partners, data from other places (if needed), and data out of TRAC, all into one place where it can be viewed and drilled into on the fly (no generating reports to view data output), with action lists created and used to target efforts.  Having active dashboards vs. generating reports is a difference many who use the platform appreciate.

Simplified SAMHSA reporting – since reports are required to be sent to SAMHSA as part of this grant, and TRAC doesn’t automatically do that, PopulationManager could be configured to generate those for you and would allow you to include data that isn’t captured in TRAC.

Sustainability -Your successful PBHCI program is just the beginning. Use PopulationManager to support your required PBHCI sustainability plan and realize $1000s per patient per year in improved efficiencies. TRAC is required during the term of the grant, and yet it isn’t something you’ll use beyond that timeframe.  PM provides the opportunity for you to have a system that helps you now and continues to simplify integration and streamline your efforts beyond the grant.

Cost-effective – PopulationManager is priced in a way that allows you to cover the cost completely during the term of the grant, while providing you with tools that will improve your integration operation, identify cost savings, and help position you to sustain your program when grant funds go away.  The goal would be for PM to pay for itself in efficiency gains and billing opportunities as your clinic moves toward value-based care.

Leverage PopulationManager for continuous performance monitoring to realize improved health outcomes, better coordinated care, and a long-term business model that proves value to providers, patients, and payors.

 So, how can we help?

Go here for a deep dive into PopulationManager. Get in touch. Send an email to pbhci@forwardhealthgroup.com or call 608 571 4530.