Primary care practices and many other health care organizations treating chronic care conditions are using Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® to help move the needle on patient outcomes and to fast-forward to value-based care.


“PopulationManager enables us to better serve our 11,000 Medicaid patients by unlocking our data and visually presenting it in a powerful, actionable way.”

Beth Wrobel, CEO, HealthLinc

Forward Health Group supports clinical pioneers achieving life-changing breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic conditions and preventive medicine through clinical studies using PopulationManager.

Finally, elegant displays of fully aligned, aggregated information are available to your care teams in easy-to-understand visualizations. That means no more outdated spreadsheets or incomplete PDFs to sift through. Your data is at your fingertips, allowing you to better serve individual patients, and better manage your population as a whole:

• MAXIMIZE CARE COORDINATION. Forward Health Group facilitates integration among primary, specialty and behavioral care teams.

• QUANTIFY CLINICIAN VARIATION. PopulationManager® gives you the ability to see which docs are setting the standard for health improvement.

• IDENTIFY THE MOST AT-RISK PATIENTS. Chronic care providers quickly identify patients in high-risk categories and better track interventions that lower risk.

• DETERMINE OUTLIER PATIENTS. Powerful visualizations help you identify outliers in time to intervene.


How does FHG deliver population health management benefits in
less than three months?

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    By using any data from any source.
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    By using pre-packaged, proven clinical measures.
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    By focusing first on areas that impact the most patients.
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    By presenting information physicians trust.

If you’re ready to fast-forward to value-based care … let’s talk. Now.

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With PopulationManager, chronic care providers are benefiting in just 8 to 12 weeks, with healthier patients, happier docs. Fast-Forward to value-based care.