Behavioral health providers that recognize the vital need to coordinate their care with that of patients’ primary care physicians are using Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® to advance their practice to better support those they serve. PopulationManager helps assure therapists know when their patients’ chronic conditions worsen and facilitates communication with PCPs when a patient’s mental status worsens. The result? Sustainable, integrated service delivery.


“Before PopulationManager we didn’t, we couldn’t look at aggregated data. It makes me very happy to be able to go into the system and see what’s going on with individual cases or entire populations of patients.”

Norman Briggs, Director, ARC Community Services

Forward Health Group gives behavioral health professionals the ability to coordinate care—and help their patients maximize their total (mental and physical) health.

Visually elegant displays of fully aligned, aggregated information are available to your care teams in easy-to-understand displays. That means no paper charts, outdated spreadsheets or inaccurate PDFs to wade through. Visibility is at your fingertips, allowing you to collaborate productively with other providers to better serve individual patients, and better manage your population as a whole:

• IDENTIFY COHORTS WITH CARE LAPSES. Easily pinpoint groups of patients that haven’t been seen in a while or that are not adhering to their appointment schedules.

MONITOR OPIOID PRESCRIPTIONS. Simple-to-use visualizations of prescription events and activities across the health care system.

• CREATE PATIENT SCORECARDS SHOWING GAPS IN CARE. Discover which patients are at-risk, and apply industry and organizational best-practices to stabilize.

• ANALYZE CO-MORBIDITIES BETWEEN PRIMARY AND BEHAVIORAL CARE. Get the big picture on your patients’ overall condition so both clinical teams can better manage care.

• LEVERAGE DIGITAL AND NON-DIGITAL DATA from your records and EHR platforms—easily and securely: PHQ-9, BAM, TSQ, PBHCI, NOMS, PHQ2, GAD-7, and more.


How does FHG deliver population health management benefits in
less than three months?

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    By using any data from any source – including social data.
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    By using pre-packaged, proven clinical measures.
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    By focusing first on areas that impact the most patients.
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    By presenting information physicians trust.

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With PopulationManager, behavioral care providers are benefiting in just 8 to 12 weeks, with healthier patients, happier doctors and fast-forward progress to value-based care.