Clinics and health care organizations providing acute episodic care are using Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® to collaborate with other providers to improve outcomes—and income. Our value-based population health management solution helps providers identify their most at-risk patients … so they take action promptly to intervene on their behalf.


“I have been able to stick my hands in the data sandbox and see providers get really excited about the data.”

A Medical Director, client of Forward Health Group



Forward Health Group helps you meet the two primary goals in the treatment of high-risk, complex conditions: Achieving patient stability and realizing income assurance.

Visual presentations of fully aligned, aggregated information are finally available to your care teams in immediately understandable displays. That means no more outdated spreadsheets or incomplete PDFs to wade through. At last, your data is at your fingertips, allowing you to collaborate productively with other providers to better serve individual patients, and stabilize your population as a whole:

• QUANTIFY CLINICIAN VARIATION. PopulationManager® gives you the ability to see which docs are setting the standard for health improvement.

• IDENTIFY YOUR MOST AT-RISK PATIENTS. Acute care providers quickly identify patients in high-risk categories and better track interventions to lower risk.

• REVEAL THE LISTS OF PATIENTS THAT NEED ENHANCED CARE COORDINATION. The Forward Health Group solution facilitates integration among the specialty, primary and behavioral care teams.

• DETERMINE OUTLIER PATIENTS. Powerful visualizations let you identify your most concerning patients in time to intervene.

• ORGANIZE YOUR ACCOUNTABLE CARE EFFORTS AROUND THE MOST AT-RISK PATIENTS. Now you can focus efforts on areas where the most benefit can be realized.

• EXPLORE YOUR DATA VIA INTUITIVE WEB-BASED VIEWS. Uncover insights easily, without IT involvement or having to pore over multiple, disjointed PDFs and Excel documents.


How does FHG deliver population health management benefits in
less than three months?

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    By using any data from any source.
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    By using pre-packaged, proven clinical measures.
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    By focusing first on areas that impact the most patients.
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    By presenting information physicians trust.

If you’re ready to fast-forward to value-based care … let’s talk. Now.

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With PopulationManager, chronic care providers are benefiting in just 8 to 12 weeks, with healthier patients, happier docs and fast-forward progress toward value-based care.